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Cholesterol is a natural substance that your body produces; in fact your body needs it to work properly. However, what is important is having just the right amount for healthy cell functioning.

Too much of this waxy substance in your blood, can cause it to stick to the walls of your arteries, cause plaque and actually severely narrow your arteries or block them all together. This can severely increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, including stroke or heart attack.

Eating foods high in cholesterol or saturated trans fat, such as meat, dairy products, chocolate, palm or coconut oils, margarines, and many commercially prepared foods can raise your cholesterol to an unhealthy level. Other risk factors include smoking, obesity, or family history of heart disease.

Another type of cholesterol, known as high-density lipoprotein causes danger because the body is unable to hold on to it. The cholesterol moves easily through the blood and transfers to the liver where it is processed for removal before the body can even use it.

Cholesterol levels tend to rise with age and unfortunately there are hardly any signs or symptoms – only a blood test can reveal if you have an unhealthy cholesterol level.

Usually a physician would recommend exercising more and choosing healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. In some cases, medicine for lowering cholesterol may be prescribed.

To see if you or a loved one are at risk for developing high cholesterol please see the links below.

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