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Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints – usually it causes pain and even limits movement of the joint. There are several types of arthritis, and the most common type is called osteoarthritis – also known as degenerative joint disease.

Osteoarthritis occurs from wear and tear put on joints over the years, thus it is most common in older adults. Over time, the cartilage that separates the bones wears away and bones may start to rub against one another, causing the pain, joint swelling and stiffness that accompany osteoarthritis.

Athletes and overweight people are also at risk of suffering from arthritis. Athletes, since they use the same repeated movements with their joints, and heavy individuals can experience accelerated arthritis in knees, hips and spine from the extra weight.

There is no cure for osteoarthritis; however, there are steps you or your loved one may take to protect you from further damage, eliminate injury and control pain.

Below are some tips, which may help ease pain from osteoarthritis.

  • Losing weight
  • Regularly exercising
  • Using canes, or special shoes and other devices to protect further tear of joints.
  • Avoid lifting heavy items, or overusing joints
  • Use heat or cold to reduce pain and stiffening of joints.

For further pain relief you can buy arthritis medicine, without prescription in your local pharmacy. Aspirin, ibuprofen or other pain relievers can help reduce pain and inflammation of the joints. However, in your next visit with your physician it is important to mention if consistent pain persists. Your doctor may discuss other helpful treatments such as massage therapy, prescription medication and special devices people with arthritis are encouraged to use.

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